Classroom Expectations

The school firmly believes that lifelong success depends on self-discipline, so we have developed a Classroom Behavior Plan that allow every student the opportunity to manage his/her own behavior.  It is essential that your child follow our classroom responsibilities, because classroom interruptions interfere with your child’s learning.  I cannot be an effective teacher if I am constantly disciplining students.


Our Student Pledge

I am in school to get an education.

I will listen, follow directions, and do my work.

I will be honest and do what is right.

I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

I will think about the feelings of others.

I came to school to learn, and I will learn.

By doing all of these things, I will be proud of myself, and others will be proud of me too!

Purple – Outstanding Behavior (When a student goes above and beyond what is expected of them.)

Navy Blue – Excellent Choices

Turquoise – Great Effort

Green – Ready to Learn

Yellow – Warning (Think About It)

Orange – Make Better Choices

Red – Parent Contact